About Elliot Algase

It's hard to distill the essence of myself to a couple of sentences or paragraps, but this is my best attempt.

I'm interested in many fields. My passion lies in math and computer science. I've been interested in computers since a young age - I had my first computer at the age of four, and my first website at the age of seven (that website, of course, is now long-gone). I like programming, gaming, and nearly everything else that can be done with a computer, too. Humanity's most important invention since fire, I think that computing technology has vast potential to forever change the world.

I spend a lot of time on the internet. It used to be a nicer place, but I still enjoy it. If you'd like to reach me, I am accessible on Twitter and Instagram, linked on my homepage here. I've been involved in many projects and groups in the past. I'm sure you can find old accounts around.

Politics: love good-faith discussion. I'm a democratic-socialist, although I am not easily offended or completely unwilling to compromise. If you'd like to discuss politics with me, feel free. Anti-copyright, pro-free speech, pro-archivism, pro-net neutrality, and many other positions.

Demographics: 16 year-old cis white straight male. Pretty common, I'm more than my demographics.

Other questions? Feel free to contact me :)

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